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Nat Pryce is an independent consultant. He currently works as an Architect at BNP Paribas and at Imperial College on a research project that is investigating urban design and pervasive computing systems.

Before that...

I'm using this as my home page on the WikiWikiWeb. If you want to leave me a message, append it to the the bottom of this page and I should notice it pretty soon.

I did a lot of work in distributed systems, middleware, components and frameworks. Check out my old home-page at Imperial for more info about my research in those areas.

Based on my work on distributed component-based systems and frameworks, I contributed to the ComponentDesignPatterns. I have concentrated on the lower-levels of the pattern language, focusing on what distinguishes a component, how components are defined and how they interact. The patterns I have documented include AbstractInteractions, ThirdPartyBinding, ComponentBus and ComponentGlue. Feel free to add comments; feedback is very useful.

Related to the ComponentDesignPatterns, I collected patterns of software systems that use scripting (e.g. AlternateHardAndSoftLayers) or are written in scripting languages. They are available at

I did quite a bit of Java programming and contributed to the collection of JavaIdioms and to the discussion on ExceptionPatterns.

A lot of the Java idoms and ideas relating to the design and implementation of component-based frameworks are used in a framework I wrote called SceneBeans. Documentation and code are on-line at

I am interested in TestDrivenProgramming. I wrote the first version of the dynamic MockObjects library for Java and am now maintaining the latest version, jMock (, with SteveFreeman, JoeWalnes and TimMackinnon and NMock2 ( with MikeMason and others.

I am interested in PostModernProgramming (see and ran a ScrapheapChallengeWorkshop? at OOPSLA'05 that investigated this topic.

I have a "blog" that I use as combination of online engineer's notebook and outlet for self-deprecating humour. It is at

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