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[This page is about Martin Fowler. If you find his name funny, you're thinking of TheOtherMartinFowler]

I was an independent consultant, but am now employed by ThoughtWorks with the imposing title of Chief Scientist. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to carry out any experiments yet.

The author of:

Currently I'm working on revising AnalysisPatterns (this probably won't be done till well into 2001).

My e-mail address is, my homepage is, My Bliki is

Martin keeps more thoughts under less hair than anyone I know. My first introduction to him was at a workshop of luminaries. His first words were, "I'm the only person here I've never heard of." That and his habit of gently imposing civility have endeared him to me. -- KentBeck

MartinFowler's name on an article that says "Unit tests lie, but the compiler doesn't."? It can't be! See ReflectionVsCodeGenerationArticle. -- JeffGrigg

Discussion on DomainLogicAndSqlArticle

I find myself fascinated with Martin's ability to keep an entire 1 1/2 hour presentation in his head. (and on topic!)
Martin has a writing method attributed to him: FowlerWritingMethod
Martin made a combination Wiki and Blog which is referred to as a Bliki aka BloggedWiki. Oops. The URL for his Bliki is above.
Martin will be a Keynote Speaker at OtTwoThousandAndFour in Bedfordshire, England in March 2004. -- MattStephenson
Recent article of MartinFowler: DependencyInjection.

Martin has participated at OOPSLA04
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