Handle Links

  sub HandleLinks {
    $title = $CookedInput{links};
    $title =~ /^$LinkPattern$/ || &AbortScript("link: improper name: $title");
    %old = &RetrievePage($title);
    print <<EOF ;
      <head><title>$title Links</title></head>
      <body><form method="POST" action="$ScriptUrl">
      <h1>$title Links 
      <input type="submit" value=" Save ">
      <input type="reset" value=" Reset "></h1>
      [1] <input type="text" size=55 name="r1" value="$old{r1}"><br>
      [2] <input type="text" size=55 name="r2" value="$old{r2}"><br>
      [3] <input type="text" size=55 name="r3" value="$old{r3}"><br>
      [4] <input type="text" size=55 name="r4" value="$old{r4}"><p>
      Type the full URL (http:// ...) for each reference cited in the text.<p>
      <input type="hidden" size=1 name="post" value="$title"></form>


Last edited November 27, 1995
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