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There does not appear to be a central place where SuccessfulXpProjects are documented. This page, SuccessfulXpProjects, is intended to be that page.

This page is a list of Success Stories of projects that use ExtremeProgramming.

This page is different from just CompaniesDoingXp because we are documenting projects that meet the following criteria:

When someone asks, "Where can I go to see examples of successful projects that have been completed using XP", this is one page that can be used as a response.

This page is not saying that ExtremeProgramming is the only factor contributing to the success of these projects, simply that ExtremeProgrammingCorePractices practices were used and that the project was considered successful.

Please contribute examples of projects that meet the above criteria that the members of the project are willing to share.

A recent "Field Report" from Computerworld describes several projects successfully released by Sabre Airline Solutions predominantly using ExtremeProgramming practices:,10801,91646,00.html

Summary at the end of the article: I seem to recall hearing that ObjectMentor was involved with this project, but am not sure where I heard this. Is that correct? -- JasonNocks
Was the AtsProject considered successful? The AtsDiary indicates "ATS Iteration 5 was released on May 3rd, on time and on budget. Positive feedback from all concerned so far. Management is very pleased."
RobertMartin (2004, April 18) "Re: The Irony of Extreme Programming" posted to news:// (message ID: [not sure how to make this a direct link to the message - anyone?]):

XP pundits may argue that the 42% productivity increase experienced by Sabre, or the 50% productivity increase experienced by JetDirect?, or the order of magnitude reduction in defect rate experienced by Symantec (just to name a few data points) are the result of using XP.

It seems like these would be good projects to document further. These seem to be fairly clear signs of success (productivity increases, lower defect rates), and apparently these projects used ExtremeProgramming. If anyone has further details, please expand. The Sabre project is documented somewhat at the link above, but I am unfamiliar with the references to changes at JetDirect? or Symantec. Anyone have further info? Cheers, -- JasonNocks

Financial Interpreter
A project done by SourceXtreme, Inc., a Philadelphia based company.
XRT, Inc., with U.S. headquarters in King of Prussia, PA, contracted SourceXtreme, Inc. to update an application that interfaces different Treasury / Cash Flow financial systems in use by large-scale corporations. The project had a tight budget and critical deadlines. The codebase was written in a mixture of French, Dutch, and English. The project involved adding a new set of features to two modules as well as fixing a number of problems with the existing codebase. The original codebase had no automated AcceptanceTests or UnitTests and had been largely unmaintained for a number of years.
2 months. The project started in September, 2003 with a firm deadline of the end of October, 2003.
The client received 2 Releases within this timeframe providing the most important features and bugfixes and was completed within the alloted budget. During this project, a suite of automated tests emerged. This was one of SourceXtreme's first projects trying to fully use XP. The team was very pleased with the results. SourceXtreme has since delivered additional contract work, on this and a new project.
Completing the most important features within time and budget.
SourceXtreme "instilled in us an interest in XP and TDD." -- Natalie Price, Director of Integration, XRT, Inc.

Additional projects can be listed with whatever format you desire.

Suggested content might include the following:

Project done by whom for whom.
A description of the general scope and concerns.
When did this happen? For how long. Were there tight deadlines, etc.
What happened? How was the project received? Is the relationship still ongoing? Did this result in additional work, etc.
Any particularly relevant details that contributed one way or another to the success of the project.

If you wish to document projects that ran into issues and how these issues were overcome, that is excellent information to capture. Please add a different page to describe those projects, perhaps IssuesFacedAdoptingExtremeProgramming?.


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