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This Web site and the software it runs on were created by WardCunningham for the PortlandPatternRepository. It is home to an InformalHistoryOfProgrammingIdeas as well as a large volume of material recording related discourses and collaboration between its readers.

The content is written by the users - people like you and me. Anyone can change any page or create new pages. Read the TextFormattingRules to find out how, and then go to the WikiWikiSandbox to try it yourself. (Please only use the WikiWikiSandbox if you want to experiment with how editing works.) If you make a page you don't want to keep, just replace its text with the word "delete".

Some starting points:

For more information about the software or running your own WikiWikiWeb: To read more about the WikiWikiWeb itself: Awards:

Allied to this site is a site called WikiBase:

WikiBase hosts the original pages from the earliest wiki. See
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