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TheExtremeProgrammingWorkshop - Taught by the eXPerts at Industrial Logic. In our 5-day, lecture-free, intensive workshop, you will participate in simulations, games and dialogues that will let you fully experience XP and reflect on what you've learned. We designed this workshop for Customers (Managers, Users, Decision Makers) and Developers. We teach on-site, private versions of the workshop as well as open-enrollment workshops for the general public. Upcoming open-enrollment locations and dates:

see http://industriallogic.com/openenrollment/xpw.html for early registration discounts and more workshop details.

AdaptionSoftware has begun offering training courses on Xp and related areas.

Adaption's TDD course, taught by Dave Astels, concentrates on mentoring you in TDD theories, techniques, and tools.

eXtreme Tuesday Club, London, UK - 15th/16th November, 2002

LondonXpDay, a one day conference based on real experience with workshops, tutorials, and hands?on practicals.

http://www.xpday.org Keynote: Ken Schwaber

XpeditionaryTraining - Release 4 - Taught by the HamburgXpUsersGroup and friends, this workshop will take you on a 2-day expedition exploring the practices of XP in a safe learning environment.

Please see http://www.frankwestphal.de/XPeditionstraining.html for details.


We are holding our next Public XpImmersion course in Dublin the week beginning May 13th-17th, 2002. See http://www.exoftware.com/whatwedo/xpimmersion.html for details or email us at mailto:training@exoftware.com Also, see http://www.exoftware.com/whatwedo/xpimmersionfeedback.html for feedback from previous attendees.

For XP training in New Zealand and Australia see http://www.chaosengineers.co.nz/pages/Training/training.html for more details. There are three course types:

The management briefings will be scheduled for Jan 2002 onwards, as will the PM's course. The workshop is for corporate client's and can be booked as and when needed.

-- BryanDollery

XpImmersionTraining -- KentBeck, RonJeffries, and RobertCecilMartin.

September 10-14, 2001, Vernon Hill, IL (near Chicago).

XP Immersion(tm) is an experience that combines training, team coaching, and an industry conference. It is targeted at developers, project/team managers, testers and customers eager to experience how to employ XP in their projects. Attendees become familiar with XP practices and develop an application throughout the week. While developing, the teams will be coached by experienced XP team leaders. Attendees will learn through lecture, example, and implementation.

Immersion attendees are taught and coached by KentBeck, RonJeffries, RobertMartin, and other experienced Object Mentor XP Coaches. There is at least one instructor/coach for each team of six Programmers. In past Immersions, guest speaker/coaches have included WardCunningham, MartinFowler, TomDeMarco, CraigLarman, and AlistairCockburn.

Pair/Team and early registration discounts. see http://www.objectmentor.com for details.

Connextra, London, UK http://www.connextra.com

Connextra's established XP development team in London offers hands-on training to managers and developers .

Software Development Conference 2001 Australasia's leading software development conference


XP Mentoring - Just Do It. Trireme International Ltd (http://www.trireme.com) - Dublin, London, and throughout Europe. +44 161 225 3240.

Not training per-say, but I saw this software package at http://www.peerthought.com which helps a team work together and learn extreme programming as they go.

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Education @XPLabs

XpLabs provides the opportunity to participate in learning activities entirely centered on eXtreme Programming, based on our own working experience. Courses, team programmes, education consulting services. See http://www.education.xplabs.com

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